How well do you relax

Test yourself!

No. Question Always Sometimes Seldom
1. Are you able to shut out your worries when you go to bed at night?
2. Are you able to take a nap during the day and awaken refreshed?
3. Is your clothing well-fitting and comfortable?
4. Are you able to concentrate on one problem at a time?
5. Do you plan your day’s activities?
6. Do you take time to relieve held positions required in your work to prevent a feeling of tenseness?
7. When you feel yourself becoming tenses because of sustained positions, do you know how to relax by doing simple movements?
8. Do you check yourself frequently for habitual tension habits, such as scowling, clenched fists, tight jaws, hunched shoulders or pursed lips?
9. Do you relax these evidences of tension at will when you find them?
10. Do you find it easy to relax so that you sleep easily and deeply?
11. Do you know how to release tensions through simple movements so that you can sleep well?
12. Do you play with such interest that you become completely absorbed in what you are doing?
13. Do you plan you life to have a change of people, scenery and thoughts?

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